Our selection of pre orders is based upon two criteria the demand for the product and the Label release dates. As a buyer you want to know the answer to these important questions:
Why pre-order a Vinyl? Main reason these sell out very quickly across all platforms such as in store, e commerce, eBay etc. Only a limited amount are offered.
Can you trust us to ship my pre-sale order? We have had tremendous success by selling on eBay presales which requires approval from eBay. Not Easy.
What happens if the release date is moved? We advise you by email to either continue or refund your order, you are always in control. You cancel at any time up till 24 hours before shipment and get your money back. No Hassles, troubles issues.

Note: Pre-orders are items that are advanced releases. These are clearly stated within the description of the item(s) for sale. Pre orders once purchased are subject to the following terms. If cancelled prior to 72 hours prior to release and ship date, 100% refund. If cancelled within the 72 hours prior to release, we will issue 20% refund and shipping fees.


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